With over 500 completed jobs under our belt, Green Metal Fabrication has the experience to handle projects of any size.

Jun 2023


Green Mountain signed on in Oct. 2022 for structural brackets to join CLT members. Scope expanded to include steel fabrication, installation, drive gates, fences, and security features.

Apr 2023

New Seasons

Green Metal Fabrication worked with New Seasons on a fabrication & erection project to create modern awnings, which not only provide functional protection from the elements but also reflect the brand's modern identity.

May 2022

Open Dental

This structural metal fabrication project aims to enhance Open Dental's new facility by constructing a robust framework that ensures structural integrity. Through our meticulous fabrication and QA of high-quality metal components, Open Dental will achieve a safe and efficient environment.

Oct 2021

Irvington Gardens

We aimed to elevate Irvington Gardens' architectural landscape with a perfect blend of craftsmanship, safety, and aesthetics by delivering a seamless blend of functionality, safety, and visual appeal through their stair and railing installations.

Jan 2021

Bridge Point

Green Metal Fabrication partnered with Bridgepoint to create high-quality and durable structural components for their industrial complex, ensuring structural integrity and stability, and enhancing the overall safety and functionality of the complex.

Sep 2020

Lava River Caves

Green Mountain used 3-D imaging to fabricate an upgraded stair and railing system for this underground cave system near Bend, Oregon.